“Who wants to Be a Millionaire?”

There’s a scandalous secret that holds the average “Joe” from abundance and infinite wealth…

You see,”Who wants to Be a Millionaire?” Articles there’s an avalanche of propaganda that… subconsciously disorientates average people, from discovering the path to smashing success and personal power.

Let me unveil to you a story derived from a real world case…

David Kennedy, an “ordinary” employee in a Computer Software company, decided to launch his own Internet Based Business and quit his daily job.

However his courageous venture to being self-employed and independent , set on “fire” his boss’s mood, including his very own family.

In a few words Mr. Kennedy was a big “Risk-Taker”.

Everybody was trying to stop him from attaining total control with his life’s destiny and withdraw the “risks” of quitting his “career”… everybody.

Despite all the psychological war David was imposed to confront, in the face of every obstacle you can imagine, he still frenetically pursued his Ultimate Goal… to become…

Become a Self-Made Millionaire by Eliminating any Negative Influence, that would Massacre his Determination for Personal Success.

After just 2 years of consistency, willingness and credence in milonaire his home based Internet Business, David *finally* started reaping immense returns on his Software web site.

A Fortune, A Small-Empire was Born…

He started his own business in the midst of 2001, when the Internet “Gold Rush” of e-commerce skyrocketed by almost incalculable profits.

In the earlies of April 2003, David accumulated a pure profit of approximately $27,000,000… solely by devoting 2-3 hours of labor a day, from the comfort of his computer desk!

Now what’s the didactic moral paradigm of this *real* story?

Which is the core secret of a self-made millionaire?

What really differentiates the idiosyncrasy of a wealthy individual from the masses of “mortal” examples?

We can extract 5 basic, yet highly-powerful characteristics:
* The unadulterated desire to succeed…
* An uncommonly motivated mindset…
* A rock-solid marketing plan.
* The Intrinsic charisma of taking critical decisions.
* The Extrinsic motivation by studying Real World Success Cases.

Naturally, there are numerous characteristics that if we had to analyze in this article, it would take several hundreds of informational pages – a task, or better a mission which I’ll better leave for Mr. Robert Allen.